Carpet Care & Maintenance

  1. Vacuum regularly on a low-power setting using a vacuum cleaner without a beater brush; to prevent debris from setting into rocks of the fibres. For best results vacuum from one direction mostly (which is in the direction of the pile/fibres), making several passes over the area.
  2. Avoid direct & continuous exposure to the sunlight for long to avoid fading.
  3. Do not pull loose ends of fibres. Clip them with a scissor.
  4. Do not fold the carpet & store for long periods. Store your carpet by rolling it front side and from the side which is against the direction of the pile. Show the carpet in sunlight every 4-6 months.
  5. Remove spills immediately so that they do not become set in the rug. Don’t rub the stains as it can cause them to become set in the fibres, rather blot them with a clean & un-dyed cloth by pressing firmly around the spill area to absorb as much as possible. For hard to remove stains, use white-petrol/thinner/soda diluted with water in the ratio 1:3 and professional carpet cleaning is recommended on immediate basis.
  6. Dry cleaning is not recommended for. Professional carpet washing is advised by using reputable carpet experts.
  7. Shedding of loose fibres will occur but will reduce over time; as it is an inherit characteristic of the raw material. Expect the most shedding to occur within the first 1-6 months.
  8. Shading is a result of pile direction change (often referred to as water marking). It is an inherent characteristic of a carpet. We are not binding against cuts/tears, burns, crushing, stains, odour, pulls, soiling, home/outside cleaning, improper use and therefore these do not constitute a manufacturing defect.